Back in 2002, I worked security at the Goodyear Rubber Company's Mold Plant in Stow, Ohio. They were in the process of closing the factory down. The job lasted around six months. During this time, they were sorting out tools, parts, documents, files, etc. Most of which were thrown away.
I couldn't believe some of the items that they were throwing into the dumpster. I asked the general manager why they were pitching this stuff and he replied, "we just don't need it and so we are simply throwing it all out. If you want any of it, take it!" Well, being a combination historian and pack-rat, I took a lot of it home.
Along with many items such as tools, parts and other things, I took a large folder from a trash can that contained a stack of old photos. The pictures are of several Goodyear workers making tire molds. Not seeing very much on the Internet about this, I decided to create this blog to showcase these photos for history. They almost went out with the trash.
So, if your interested in this sort of thing, or if your an Akron/Stow, Ohio historian, or if you may have worked in this factory years ago, here's the pictures. I do not know the men in the photos and have no other information. If you do, please e-mail me and tell me what you know about this plant.

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